Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello people of Earth and beyond.

This great existence of the blogging community with the name Carrie from Cat on the Bookshelf  tagged me in Sunshine Blogger Award and right now im dying from happiness.

So i’m gonna answer her questions.

The rules:

  1. Tag the person who tagged you and link their blog
  2. Answer the questions asked
  3. List the rules and tag 11 (?!) other people to do the tag.
  4. Ask away 11 questions for them to answer

Easy peasy!

1)Which bookshelf in your home contains the most books that you love?

My only bookshelf *awkward laugh*. In our home we have two bookshelves, one in my bedroom and one in my mum’s. My books are organised by genre so to answer this question i must answer to which is my favorite genre. In this one the fantasy shelf wins by far, there lies my favorite quatrology  of all time «The Lunar Chronicles». Though on my desk i have my favorite trilogy of all time «The Ruby Red Trilogy». So i don’t know the answer in this question .-.

2)What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

The posting schedule. For a very organizing person like myself, it is difficult to maintain a posting schedule. It just can’t happen. I can post a full week straight and then i will post two time a week and then three time and then none. I post whenever i have an idea. It’s just the way i am.

3)Name two good book-to-movie adaptations.

Two good book-to-movie adaptations? Yes here i am repeating the question because i can’t think of anything. Can i say «Pride and Prejudice»? I will say «Pride and Prejudice» (Oh Mr Darcy). Oh and the second one is «Monster’s Call» (even though i still can’t accept the change of it’s name).

4)What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

To write… I love the feeling of seeing in the papers in front you your whole work and not in a lifeless desktop, like every other writer. But because i have terrible pain in my hand because of a disease i don’t know how its called in english, it is very painful writing in my notebook.

5)How did your blog get its name?

That was the question i was waiting. It’s a funny story. I was thinking of making a blog a pretty while before doing it, but the thing that kept me from doing it was its name. The «bookitocat» in the url was already in my instragram (another story about that and about why it’s with double t) but what about the titel. So i was watching «Two Broke Girls» with my mum (a brilliant show) and then it hit me. A lamp was glowing on my head, more like a huge sign with neon letter and a spearkerman shouting. I thought that i am broke and i am a bookworm. And that’s who it happened: ONE BROKE BOOKWORM.  The crowed goes insane and starts clapping. Thank you Thank you!

6)Which genre haven’t you read?

I read all the genres but i haven’t read, and i’m not gonna ever, is self-improvement books. I don’t want to impove my self, what are you gonna do about it?

7)Think about the last book you read. Then finish this sentence in three different ways: I wonder….

The last book i read was the «Never Enough Time«.
I wonder… what my life will be like in 7 years.
I wonder… what the author was thinking WRITING THIS DAMN END.
I wonder… why the heck her friend wasn’t supporting her even though she didn’t believe her. I would support my friend in anything even if everything was in her mind… she is my friend.

8)Which movie do you think is worth watching only once?

«The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas», not because it was bad, on the contrary it was brilliant, but because you can fill a whole ocean with your tears. It’s worth watching it once but not a second or a third, i’m still crying only with thinking about it.

9)What do you think of literary magazines?

Never gotten one or read one, so i can’t have an opinion.

10)What would you like to achieve this year?

I want to finish my book and by the end of the year to have a finished copy in order to start the publisher house hunt.

11)Give us one quote that inspires you.

But her grandmother had never suggested she could think the same of Scarlet. You’ll be fine, she always said, after a skinned knee, after a broken arm, after her first youthfull heartbreak. You’ll be fine, because you’re strong, like me.
― Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

That was pretty mush the tag! Thank you Carrie and…



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