#booktalk: Never Enough Time

What if your entire life passed by in just seven days?

The story follows the 16 years old Delaney Archer, a teenager that has her whole life ahead of her. She is an A’ student and like every other teen she argues with her mother and she hates her life. Until one day she wakes up in a strange place that isn’t her room and she founds out that she is 7 years older.

Suddenly, she finds herself in graduate school. Seven years of her life have disappeared without a trace since she went to bed last night. She thinks that it is a dream so she tries to get the best of it. Then she wakes up the next day and another seven years have passed and then seven years and the seven years.

Now she just has to figure out what’s happening before time runs out

From the first pages i wasn’t (i still am not) very satisfied. The narrator in first person and as we all know (and if you don’t you will now) i don’t like first person narrators. There are many books that made me like the first person narration but in this book it was unappealing and made me not want to continue with the book. The story itself though it made me want to keep going until there is no page left and scream from frustration because i want more.

Delaney was confused at first because she didn’t know what is happening. Noone was explaining to her anything even though there were people who knew about her situation. They were talking with puzzles and no clear answer was given. That was the most irritating thing. I finished the book and i’m still confused. Why see was in the path of the 7? Why she was chose or more like when she chose it (As everyone says «you chose this Del»! BUT WHEN)? Why noone helps her? She is watching her life slipping from her hands without knowing what she can do to stop it. In the end they say to her that «yes Del there is something you can do». Right there you expect to give her the solution…. but wrong again she must find it herself. I was so furious. No surprise she was cursing all the time, i would do it too (well i was doing it while i was reading it).

The plot was well written. The author makes you believe that Del has destroyed her life with her choices but in the end she hasn’t destroyed anything. It reveals you interesting characters that affects the protagonist even though she hasn’t really met them.

If you want a story with action (pew pew thingies) you would be disappointed. Even though it is a time travel story (my favourite kind) it goes more in the contemporary side. You follow a girl that loses 7 years of her life every day and her life is falling apart and she can’t do anything about it. It makes think what if your past self isn’t happy with your choices or if you would be happy with your life if one day you  wake up 7 years into the future. Everything would have change? Are they gonna be as you want? Would you be happy? It made my think and i was panicking all of the sudden.

To sum up, the end wasn’t like the one i expected it to be. On the one hand it surprised me but in the other hand it was out of the story. I mean nothing in the plot leads you in this end.

There are many plot holes and there aren’t the explaining that is needed. For that reason it was a 3star rating. If there wasn’t so many holes there would be a 5star rating.

I loved it though and i would read it again.

That’s all i wanted to say. A big thank you again for NetGalley and R.T.W. Lipkin for the copy.





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